Mayor's Report 2021-22

The following report was presented to the Annual Town Meeting held at Town Hall on Wednesday 13th April 2022 by Acting Mayor Cllr Paul Miller.

"It was with great sadness that in October 2021 the Town Council received the news of the passing of the Mayor, Hilary Young. Cllr Young was a stalwart of the Town Council and of local civic life, bringing thought, knowledge and experience to the role and serving the Bakewell community for many years. He will be missed.

Earlier in the year another long serving member, Cllr John Riley, retired. He first attained office in the 1960s – back in the days of the Bakewell Urban District Council, before the formation of the Town Council. Sadly, we learned this morning that John passed away yesterday evening at Chesterfield. His steadfast service and dry sense of humour will be very much missed.

I would like to thank our County and District Councillors, Alasdair Sutton, Alyson Hill and Mark Wakeman as well as Peak Park Member Kath Potter for all their work, seen and unseen, on behalf of Bakewell.

Thanks are due to my fellow Town Councillors for their contributions and support. It has been another year marked by rapid changes necessitated by the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. We have welcomed two new members to the Council through co-option; Cllr Mark Wakeman and Cllr Helen Garvey.

The Town Council met on 16 occasions during 2021-22, with a return to "physical" meetings beginning in June 2021 following the withdrawal of the ability councils to meet remotely. We feel that virtual meetings have a valid role in our work and we have lobbied nationally for their return. Council meetings are currently held on the first Monday of the month and members of the public are welcome to join us and may make representations in Public Speaking.

Over the year we have commented on a total of 85 planning applications and appeals. We have undertaken project work and made representations on a wide range of issues including:

  • Drainage issues
  • Flooding
  • Love locks on Weir Bridge
  • Representations to DCC regarding speeding on Baslow Road
  • Requested additional signage to deter the feeding of birds at Riverside Walk
  • Streetscene issues
  • Support for a ban on the use of disposable barbeques
  • Supporting Access Only status between Baslow Road and Station Road
  • The control of banners and informal advertising
  • Town centre repaving
  • Town centre trees
  • Travellers
  • Tree and Woodland Management

We have provided responses to consultations and surveys on:

  • DCC Consultation on Residential Care Homes (Gernon Manor)
  • DDDC Public Space Protection Orders
  • DDDC Verges for biodiversity planting
  • NHS Newholme Development Brief
  • PDNPA Supplementary Planning Document; Conversion of Historic Buildings

The Town Council has appointed representatives to Bakewell in Bloom, Bakewell Town and Community Trust Liaison Committee and the Bakewell Branch of the Royal British Legion

We have participated in DDDC "Closer Working with Town and Parish Councils" meetings, briefing sessions for Chairs and Clerks organised by the Derbyshire Association of Local Councils, and liaison meetings with the Peak District National Park Authority.

Our website,, continues to provide access to agendas, minutes, supporting documents and a whole host of other information. Page views over the last twelve months have exceeded of 80,000.

We continued to offer Christmas trees to traders in the town and provided the public Christmas tree at Bath Gardens.

We have supported community based organisations with grants:

  • £13,851 to Bakewell Town and Community Trust,
  • £500 to the Bakewell Swimming Club
  • £244 to Bakewell Speedwatch
  • and pledged £600 to the Bakewell Model Radio Controlled Car Club

We have successfully applied for grants for:

  • £92,000 Riverbank Revetment Reinstatement Project at Scot's Garden (Heritage Lottery Fund)
  • £450 Community Speedwatch Equipment (DDDC Local Projects Fund)
  • £4,943 Welcome Back Fund banners and brackets
  • £2,701 Walling Grant – Parsonage Field (PDNPA)

It has been good to see a return to a more recognisable way of life in recent months, though there is still some way to go as COVID-19 infections remain high. We look forward to the days when we can again fully enjoy the activities and events that make life worth living and which helps the Bakewell community prosper."

Posted: Mon, 25 Apr 2022 12:00 by John Rowe

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