Derbyshire Dales District Council to discuss traveller sites

The District Council is to hold an extraordinary meeting at 6.30pm on Wednesday 2nd September which "on the work that has been undertaken to identify potentially suitable permanent sites in accordance with its duties and responsibilities to Gypsies and Travellers under the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017."

The meeting can be viewed online and details of how to do so are in the agenda.

The document discusses a number of options and says, "where a duty to secure accommodation arises but an appropriate site is not immediately available the Housing Authority may need to provide an alternative temporary solution until a suitable site becomes available."

This is known as a Temporary Tolerated Site.

The paper considers five sites are considered, which includes land at the Agricultural Business Centre. It is noted that all the sites have drawbacks and of the ABC it says "However, much of the land in this area is not owned by the Council and in allowing Travellers to occupy it the Council may well be in contravention of its tenancy agreements. In addition, the site is within the Peak District National Park, who currently do not have a need to provide a Traveller site within their Local Plan, such that obtaining planning permission may be difficult."

Posted: Fri, 28 Aug 2020 18:55 by John Rowe

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