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Bakewell Town Council responds to DDDC Public Toilets Review

Posted: Fri, 17 Nov 2017 14:30 by John Rowe

Bakewell Town Council responds to DDDC Public Toilets Review

Derbyshire Dales District Council has to find savings of £1.6 million in the next four years. As part of a drive to make savings, the Council intends to reduce the £460,000 per annum it spends on public toilets, with the aim of developing a cost neutral approach. The provision of public toilets is a discretionary power, not a statutory duty.

The facilities under review in Bakewell are:

  • Bakewell Granby Road
  • Bakewell Recreation Ground
  • Bakewell Riverside

DDDC is exploring 4 basic options for the future -

  • Closure of facilities
  • Transfer of buildings and operation of the facilities to the local community (there would be a one off financial incentive to community groups/parish councils wishing to take on a facility)
  • Commercial sponsorship of the facilities to run them in the long term (this option would enable local businesses, perhaps in partnership, to provide financial support for the District Council to continue its involvement in running facilities, providing all costs are covered)
  • Charging for any facilities it may retain

The Town Council's response is as follows:

"The Town Council has considered the data supplied, heard a presentation from DDDC Officers and members have been present at a Community Forum where a progress update was provided.

The Town Council fully understand that the DDDC has to manage a significant budget reduction and has to consider all aspects of business to achieve this, including cost management of Public Toilet provision.

Whilst the Town Council acknowledges that the provision of Public Toilets is not a statutory duty but an optional provision, we would not support a wholesale closure policy as it would be unrealistic for a Town the size of Bakewell, especially with visitor numbers being high and part of the fabric of the towns economy. The Town Council however would not be prepared to adopt any of the Public Toilet facilities in the town either.

Our recommendations would be as follows;

Granby Road - retain and provide a pay to use system.

Recreation Ground - retain and fund by ring fenced income from Granby Road pay to use toilets , if this is not achievable then retain by a pay to use system.

Riverside - retain by pay to use system or closure due to its proximity to the Agricultural Business Centre and Granby Road facilities.

Agricultural Business Centre - there is no data provided regarding the use or costs of the Public Toilets at this location which the Town Council feels is disappointing as it is part of the Public Toilet element of the town, is at the location of the coach drop off point for the town and next to significant parking facilities.

It is believed that one cost saving option would be to install noticeable signage at the coach drop off point and car parks close to the ABC to direct people to its Public Toilet facility. The ABC Public Toilets could then be considered for a pay to use system if required. The Riverside Public Toilets could then be closed.

Significant Staff Costs - are shown on the data provided without detailed explanation of their role. The Town Council would ask if such costs could be managed by staff retention but in a multi-site role to assist with the overall objective of achieving an efficiency saving."

The Town Council welcomes the views of the public on this matter, please email the Town Clerk o

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